Kane believes Haaland-Nunyez move Premier League

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Kane believes Haaland-Nunyez’s move to the Premier League will make him even better.

Spurs forward Harry Kane says signings from Darwin Nunyez and Erling Braus Haaland will encourage him to do better. Emphasize that winning the Premier League’s top scorer has never been easy. Report from UFABET

Liverpool and Manchester City have both among the top goalscorers. Who are said to among the strongest in Europe. While the Spurs Last season end with Golden Boot winner Son Heun Min alongside Mohamed Salah. While Kane ended last season with 17 Premier League goals and he was the shoe prize winner. Gold for 3 times

“Competing to win the Premier League’s top scorer is always tough. The Premier League has the best world-class goalscorers in the league all season. won the golden shoe award And this time it’s no different. We were expecting some of the best strikers to come to the Premier League and the signings of two great strikers coming in this time around.”

“It will help me as a player to have a good competition. pushing me to be better I’m looking forward to this challenge.”

Kane, 28, is contract to Spurs until mid 2024. He has personal goals to break Alan Shearer’s Premier League goalscoring record of 260, with Kane’s 183 goals so far. door together