Gun legend analyzes how Maguire became

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Gun legend analyzes how Maguire became a content creator in the Nick era

Martin Keown, legendary defender An analysis of what caused Manchester United captain Harry Maguire to become a comedy content creator under manager Ralph Rangnick.

“I would like to confirm with a strong voice here that both the criticism The sarcasm that Harry Maguire received over the last season. It’s very unfair to him. Because we all know how good. He really Keown told UFABET.

“Of course, even I myself have had periods of poor form. and has been criticized harshly in the past as well Which is not just once or twice. It makes footballers like us mentally retarded, too.”

“Okay, Maguire is probably at a very bad time in his career. But I don’t want everyone to put him in the category of footballers who suck or fail. Because this is a real centre-forward for the England team that has proven more than enough.”

“Only in Manchester United’s football under Ralph Rangnick, it is not a style that Maguire will adjust to in such a short period of time because he is not good at pushing the defense up high. in order to exert pressure on the opposing party like that So it’s not strange to play bad from the start like that.”

“From now on, I hope Erik ten Hag will find the Maguire instruction manual for maximum efficiency. Because from last season’s statistics Man United conceded very few goals if he had played alongside Rafael Varane.