Beckham teaches Neville ‘Man Utd players

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Beckham teaches Neville ‘Man Utd players don’t have to hate Liverpool‘s people.

David Beckham, Legend of the Golden Wings Gary Neville expressed frankly that in the real world, Manchester United players don’t have to hate Liverpool at all.

“I’ve heard more than enough people say that. Professional footballers need to group, divide, and act hostile to players from rival clubs. Sometimes it’s so hard that you can’t even talk about it,” Beck said to his best friend Neville on UFABET.

“But you know? I don’t care about them in the slightest. because we can talk about each other can be friends eat together We can always go out together, okay when on the track or in the dressing room. It was necessary to really awaken the fire of battle, but beyond that. We don’t have to fight in real life.”

“Assuming that if I were to play with Steven Gerrard, whether in the national team or on any occasion, I would be happy to pass the ball on to him at every turn if I saw the advantage. than The important thing is that there is absolutely no bias about partisanship by agency.”

“We are people who make a living playing football. we are professional There was no need to divide anything to become even the slightest bit of hatred. We are normal people too, it’s not about Liverpool, it’s not about Manchester United.”