Is washing fruit with salt really good? Really,

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Is washing fruit with salt really good? Really, how should you wash it to be the safest?

How do you ladies usually use the method of “washing fruit” ? Some people wash it with “water ,” some people wash it with “salt.” Washing fruit not only makes it clean and safe, but also helps the “fruit” have a longer shelf life. This is because dirt on the fruit can cause it to spoil faster. But how to wash it as cleanly as possible? Let’s follow at ยูฟ่าเบท

Is washing fruit with salt really good?

The short answer is ” bad.”  Salt is sodium chloride. which can help attract water out of the cells This can cause some water-soluble residues to come off of fruits and vegetables. However, salt can also make some non-water-soluble residues more durable.

Some studies have found that washing fruits and vegetables with salt water can reduce the amount of residue by 27-38%. However, other studies It was found that washing with saline had no effect or may increase the amount of residue.

Salt can also make fruits and vegetables taste salty, so in general Therefore, fruits should not be washed with salt.

How to wash fruit to be safe and free of toxic substances?

  1. Wash with clean water several times.

Washing fruit several times with clean water is the most basic and effective way to remove dirt, germs, and chemical residue from fruit. You can use tap water or filtered water.

  1. Use a brush to wash vegetables and fruits.

Using a fruit and vegetable brush can help remove visible dirt and grime, such as dirt, dust, and plant debris. Fruit and vegetable brushes should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt.

  1. Peel some fruits.

Peeling some fruits, such as grapes, apples, and oranges, can help remove some of the chemical residue. This is because chemical residue tends to accumulate around the peel.

  1. Cut out the parts you don’t eat.

Cutting off non-edible parts, such as stems and leaves, can also help remove chemical residue. This is because chemical residues may accumulate in these areas.

Additionally, you should buy fruits and vegetables from reliable sources. This is to ensure that those fruits and vegetables are grown and harvested safely.