Get to know each type of “comb” and how to choose the right

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Get to know each type of “comb” and how to choose the right comb for your hair type.

A comb is a tool used for styling and caring for hair. But choosing the right for your hair type is also important. Because that isn’t suitable for your hair type can cause the hair to become tangled, break, or become frizzy. There are many types of combs to choose from. Each type is suitable for different hair types, such as a wide-toothed Suitable for long, thick, large, and frizzy hair. A wide-toothed is suitable for fine and delicate hair, etc. But how do we choose that is suitable for our hair condition? Report from ufabet

How many types of “combs” are there and what types of hair are they suitable for?

1. A flat and wide comb or Paddle Brush is a comb that looks like a square brush. Helps stimulate blood circulation on the scalp. Suitable for medium to long hair. and help comb out tangled hair

2. Comb or pin brush or pin brush is usually an oval shaped comb. It has a handle made of wood or plastic. The bristles are metal needles. Suitable for thick or curly hair.

3. A comb or half-oval brush or Quill brush. It looks like an oval brush or a round brush. Helps massage the scalp and distribute the natural oils of the hair. Suitable for all hair types.

4. A wide-toothed comb looks like with teeth that are far apart. Helps easily tangled hair. Can be used while washing hair to distribute conditioner and shampoo. Suitable for combing tangled hair. Can help with all types of hair.

5. Boar bristle comb helps massage the scalp and distribute the hair’s natural oils . Suitable for all hair types.

6. Ordinary comb: Ordinary combs that are easy to find, come in many sizes, suitable for making hair smooth and looking smoother.

How to choose the right comb for your hair type

Test each. Don’t test it on your hair. This is because some combs can damage the hair. Test on a doll with tangled hair or another item with tangled hair. But not with family members or friends because it can cause damage to your hair as well. When testing, see how the helps smooth your hair. Test your hair combing But about 1 inch (remember, this can damage the hair). Test this on anything that has hair and tangles that you don’t want. See if the damages your hair. Do not test this on your hair.

Choose a comb that won’t damage your hair. Before doing this Test the several times to make sure it doesn’t actually damage your hair.


  • If you have thick or curly hair Test on wet hair to make it smoother.
  • If you have thin or damaged hair Test the on dry hair to prevent breakage.
  • If you are not sure whether the will damage your hair or not, Test it on the hair at the tip of your head first.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose the right for your hair and prevent damage.