Blush recommendations: How to choose a blush color to match your skin tone?

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Blush recommendations: How to choose a blush color to match your skin tone?

To please girls who are having trouble choosing a blush color. Bought the blush based on the reviews but when I brushed it out the color didn’t match the cover and it made my face droopy and didn’t suit me at all. I would say that those problems are caused by choosing a blush color that doesn’t match your own skin tone. For any girl who doesn’t want to feel heartache. To purchase cosmetics incorrectly, read on in this article. If you want to know how to choose a blush that goes with your skin, hurry up and take a look. Report from

That is suitable for white-pink skin people.

Let’s start with the first skin color. For white people with pinkish tint People with this skin color are suitable for light-toned blush because if you choose a darker color, Applying it to skin that is already white may make it look deceptive. You should choose soft, soft blush tones such as light pink, light orange, and orange peach because it will give you a look that doesn’t look too red and will make your skin look flush and natural. These tones will be soft. With the skin, it doesn’t look deceiving. 

Blush that is suitable for people with two-tone skin.

For girls with skin tones in two-tone skin tones, it is recommended to choose a muted tone that is not too dark or not too light, such as a brownish orange is just right. Pink-brown tone or orange-brown tone. Because it will help make the skin look lively and expensive. and get the most natural look

That is suitable for people with tan skin.

For girls with tan skin It’s a warm skin tone. The right blush color gives a very natural look. Therefore, you should use blush in tones of shrimp paste pink, brownish peach, or berry purple. or golden brown Brown will naturally blend with any skin tone. And the gold sparkle color will help your cheeks look radiant. Not too much, great.

Blush that is suitable for people with dark skin.

You should use blush in tones of dark pink, pinkish purple, reddish brown, or reddish-orange cured in the sun. To make it look more colorful Or choose a bold color. It’s also suitable for applying mix with gold shimmer to make the skin look extremely glowing and healthy.

The position of applying changes the shape of the face in many ways.

Sweeping Type 1: Sweeping on the cheeks helps the face look younger. Look instantly younger

Brush type 2 : Brush on the upper cheekbone area. Helps emphasize the facial structure more clearly.

Brush type 3 : Brush lower than the cheeks. Focus on a clear face shape. Suitable for girls with large facial frames. Helps reduce the face to look smaller.

Brush type 4 : Brush close to the eyebrows. Helps the face look lively. Brush it and it doesn’t look old. The face looks dimensional.